NU-VU Foodservice Systems, is the recognized leader in “On-Premise Baking”. As The Bakery Equipment Division of Middleby Corporation, along with Doyon Baking Equipment Specialists, we manufacturer a wide variety of commercial baking equipment for use in all types of foodservices, supermarkets, and convenience stores. NU-VU products include baking ovens, oven-proofers, proofers, pizza ovens, and even smokers and cook n hold ovens. NU-VU oven/proofers, used extensively worldwide in national chains for over 25 years, provide a complete “baking center” in one unit. With more than 25,000 units sold worldwide and counting, we are the industry standard for “On-Premise Baking”.

The v-air technology

All NU-VU ovens feature our highly effective and patented V-Air® technology. This time-tested technology over 30 years old creates faster bake times than any convection oven because of the V-Air® perfect heat distribution throughout the oven –Top-to-bottom, side-to-side, and front-to-back. With V-Air®, the baker does not have to turn sheet pans or open the oven doors during a bake cycle. This results V-Air® in better quality bakery products, and savings in labor and energy. V-Air® ovens also incorporate steam injection capability thus giving breads and rolls a nice appetizing ’crunch’ and ’sheen’.


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Doyon equipment

NU-VU and Doyon Equipment are THE BAKERY DIVISION of the Middleby Corporation. Every single day, 40 million breads are being baked in their ovens.



NU-VU is a division of The Middleby Corporation. Did you know that Middleby products are in one of every three restaurants around the world. It’s all because we don’t just sell products – we provide trust. And we will always keep that prime commodity on our front burner.

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NU-VU, the leader in on-premise baking, manufacturers a complete line of oven/proofers, ovens, proofers, carts and racks designed to complete any cooking equipment line-up

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