OP48MOP 4/8 Series

  Specification sheets:

UB E4/8

OP 3/9M

QBT 3/9      X5

UB 5/10

OP 3/9A

QB 3/9



OP 4/8M



OP 4/8A


With over 25,000 oven/proofers sold, we are truly the leader in on-premise baking. The applications for these oven/proofers are endless. These units are ideal for submarine sandwich restaurants, bakeries, convenience stores, restaurants, supermarkets, delis, hospitals, schools, institutions - in fact, anywhere a need for on-premise baking exists. All of our oven/proofers feature our unique V-Air® system in the oven. This technology drives faster cook times and perfect heat distribution top to bottom, side to side and front to back. You’ll never need to turn pans, and that will save labor costs. You can produce to perfection all types of bakery products, including breads, rolls, pies, cinnamon buns, croissants, cakes, brownies, pastries, muffins, cookies, just to name a few! The proofer compartments come standard with a manual fill water pan to generate the proofer humidity or the AutoMist humidity system option which eliminates the need for a water pan. It requires a 1/4" waterline connection. Please refer to individual oven/proofer specifications to verify. All proofer compartments contain a fan which distributes the heat and humidity evenly throughout the proofer compartment.


The benefits of the features incorporated into the NU-VU oven/proofers are:

• Stainless steel construction provides a heavy duty, long life unit.

• Lighted oven and proofer interior makes it easy to do sight baking - this is also a good visual for your customers.

• Tempered glass doors for full view of product.

• Flush mount, lift off doors provide easy cleaning; doors will not sag over time.

• Dual pane, easy to clean oven door on select units maintain cooler to the touch temperatures.

• V-Air® system in oven provides consistent even baking without having to turn pans.

• Microswitch fan motor cut off minimizes heat loss and improves recovery times.

• Solid-state controls are accurate and durable.

• Multi level programmable controls on select units are user friendly and precise.

• Separate controls for oven and proofer, as well as separate heat and humidity controls for the proofer ensure that you can produce a wide range of product utilizing variable settings.

• Units hold either 18"x26" full-size or 13"x18" half-size pans to accommodate personal preferences.

• Unit arrives fully assembled for ease of installation.



Doyon equipment

NU-VU and Doyon Equipment are THE BAKERY DIVISION of the Middleby Corporation. Every single day, 40 million breads are being baked in their ovens.



NU-VU is a division of The Middleby Corporation. Did you know that Middleby products are in one of every three restaurants around the world. It’s all because we don’t just sell products – we provide trust. And we will always keep that prime commodity on our front burner.

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